You have invested your time, knowledge, and possibly blood, sweat and tears in producing a document. You may have proofread it several times and found a few typos and other errors. However, for the final review you need a fresh pair of eyes to ensure your work is clear, precise, elegant, and error free for your audience. If your writing has grammatical, spelling and typographical errors, the reader may not read it all.

This is where a professional editor comes in.

An editor will:

  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct grammar
  • Advise on the appropriate use of vocabulary
  • Advise on consistency of style and tone


If there are areas of text that need rewriting, the editor will make this recommendation and, if possible, advise you on how to resolve any issues. Keep in mind that if the editor struggles to understand what you have written, your readers will have the same problem. To make your writing the best it can possibly be it is a wise investment to have it professionally edited and proofread. 

Editors conduct the final check on your text, document, article or manuscript to check that your message is clear and accurately written. They make sure that your intended audience will receive the right message.  


  • If the editor struggles to understand what the writer is trying to say, then readers will have the same problem; so make sure the message is clear.
  • A text that includes factual, grammatical, spelling and typographical errors will not reflect well on you or your company. Reader will probably not want to keep reading to the end.
  • When a business publication uses too much jargon or its tone is condescending, customers will not be encouraged to use their services.